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E-Commerce Logistics is a challenge for companies, that’s why logistics hubs have taken on an important role for ultra-fast orders, returns, and large deliveries. In this article, we explain more about logistics hubs and how they can help your business. 

A logistics hub is a logistics area where the activities of receiving, picking, shipping, distribution, and then national or international distribution can take place. 

They are areas with an excellent location, generally located in large cities with good communication points, such as ports and airports. This facilitates operations and work movements, creating a better organization in the supply chain. 

Advantages of having a logistics hub

  1. Greater efficiency: Logistics hubs are an excellent option if you have multimodal transportation since they make the reception of goods faster and expeditions have a constant rhythm. 
  1. Lower operating costs: Thanks to the synchronization between logistics hubs and the production and distribution center, cost overruns in order picking are avoided 
  1. Easy adaptation: Logistics hubs have the great advantage that they can be adapted to any business in almost any model, this is favorable for eCommerce and enables more effective management. 

Logistics hub characteristics

  • Central location with access to commercial ports
  • Skilled labor that can execute the mobilizations in an adequate manner
  • A legal framework that favors the transport and logistics activity, in addition to a legal team trained to carry out the corresponding import and export procedures. 
  • Good planning to have all areas of an operation organized.
  • To have good traceability means to create a path for the goods to follow in order to execute the logistics without incidences. Traceability in logistics hubs is essential so that the volumes of goods are transported and separated according to their distribution destination. 

Logistics hubs can be divided into three: unimodal distribution centers, where they work mainly with land freight transport and function as a goods manager; logistics platforms are the systems that intervene in the way goods are distributed, their main objective is to increase national and international trade. Finally, logistics zones have at least two means of transportation that include distribution strategies, these have a higher degree of integration of operations, 

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