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Choosing the right transport is a key step in achieving success in a supply and distribution chain. There are many types of transport that are useful to achieve certain objectives, one of them is combined transport. Below we will tell you more about the basics of this type of transport and in which cases it can be used effectively. 

What is combined transport?

Combined transport is a type of mobilization that requires at least two different means of transport, either air transport, sea transport, or land transport. This type of movement is generally used for imports and exports between different countries. In addition, it is a type of intermodal transport, which means that the movement of goods is carried out in the same load unit, so they are not handled directly during the transfers.

For combined transport to work ideally, it depends on two fundamental points: the transport equipment and the singular points. The transport equipment are the containers that can be easily transferred from one means of transport to the other and the singular points are the places adapted for loading, unloading, or exchange of means of transport. 

When is this type of transport recommended?

This type of transport is often used for large loads that must travel long distances and therefore require heavy equipment that is resistant and easy to handle. This type of equipment requires a higher investment, so it is not recommended if small quantities of product are being transported. 

It is also an excellent option for moving goods between countries with trade agreements, since, thanks to the collaboration of both parties, taxes, and paperwork can be reduced, making transportation more economical. 

Advantages of combined transport 

This type of transport also implies greater savings, since there is no need to spend on labor for loading and unloading in each transshipment, in addition to optimizing the use of transport and therefore the number of drivers, energy, and space for vehicles is lower. 

Thanks to the distribution of transportation by different routes, truck congestion on highways is reduced, which is a benefit for citizens and for businesses that are transported by land, this also implies a lower impact on the environment.

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