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Marine chartering is the most used way to transport goods by sea, this type of transport requires certain special characteristics since it is a complex maneuver. One of the most important elements during the time of sea chartering is the charterer. In this article, we will explain more about his role. 

The maritime charter is the lease contract of a ship that transports goods. In this process, there are two characters that are essential, the charterer and the chartering. The latter is the shipowner who leases the vessel, while the charterer is the one who rents the vessel for the transportation of its products. 

The charterer’s agent is in charge of finding the best freight at the lowest possible price under the safest conditions, so the goods owner can get the best deal out of it. The charterer’s agent is also in charge of managing some aspects such as loading, unloading, and distribution. 

The chartering commits through a contract to the shipment of the goods and the payment of the freight. This is essential to reach the established agreement, and must also comply with all the specifications that were agreed with the charterer. 

The contract where all the specifications will come and the deal will be formalized is called “charter party policy”. In this document, the details of the operation are collected, as well as the data of both parties, the type of goods, the details of the route and the time of loading and unloading. 

Chartering obligations

He must present the goods safely in the agreed shipment, in addition to loading all goods in the stipulated time and filling up to the capacity agreed in the contract. The chartering must comply with the goods he requested to transport, i.e. he cannot ship goods that were not requested. 

The goods must be declared and comply with the safety conditions, therefore undeclared dangerous goods cannot be transported. Finally, the chartering must take charge of the goods at the port of destination within the time indicated. The vessel must be returned at the time, place, and conditions agreed by the charterer and all the conditions of the charter party must be fulfilled for the contract to work. 

Expanding by delegating tasks

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