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What is an international purchase order 

If you are thinking of promoting goods in other parts of the world, you must know what an international purchase order is, since it is a necessary document to export or import any type of merchandise. It is important to know this document, since it is commonly used to create the first commercial ties with customers.

What is an international purchase order?

An international purchase order, or also known simply as “purchase order” is a document where  the buyer agrees to pay a certain price for the product that the seller offered. It is crucial because it is a way to keep track of and organize orders, in addition to establishing the conditions with which both parties must comply. 

How does it work?

The purchasing and logistics department is in charge of sharing the purchase order with the buyer and with the order management staff so that they can fulfill the order from start to finish according to the established indications. 

The order will allow all parties to make a correct route for the order to reach its destination and it is also the document that contains all the necessary information for the seller, the buyer and the logistics service to be accredited. 

Information that a purchase order must contain

These are some basic details that must be included in the purchase order:

  • Buyer’s information: Buyer’s name, identification number, fiscal address and signature ( which can also be a stamp that certifies the purchase order).
  • Seller’s information: As well as the buyer’s information, the seller’s information is also necessary, i.e. the name of the seller or the company, its identification, fiscal domain, etcetera. 
  • Date and place of issue and delivery.
  • Details of the goods .
  • Payment details.

How to manage your e-commerce purchases

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