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Every day, millions of packages are moved around the world to reach different destinations,  and logistics and deep planning are needed for these packages to get to consumers.

International shipments require more precise processes to distribute packages correctly, and there are frequent mistakes during international shipments. Today, we’ll explain how to avoid them. 

Not having goods insurance

International shipments travel long distances and there are many risks involved in these shipments. Insuring goods properly is a key factor to overcome unpleasant surprises and transport incidents. It is essential for goods to be properly insured, so the total amount is covered against the most frequent risks, such as theft, loss, fire, and flood, amongst others. 

Not labeling correctly

Labeling and packaging are fundamental in shipments since they contain relevant information that will help those in charge of the transportation to know its origin and destination, which is why this step is critical for any merchandise to be exported.

Choosing the wrong transport

There are three types of goods’ transportation: air, land, and sea. Each method has its own characteristics that better adapt to different shaped and sized products. It is important to choose the right type of transport as this will improve delivery time, save money, and protect the goods against all kinds of risks. 

Not carrying out customs formalities correctly 

Internationalizing a business can be a complicated process, mainly because custom procedures must be carried out by an expert in international trade. It is essential to have a customs broker with sufficient experience to make the necessary arrangements for the merchandise to be imported/exported.

Not choosing the right logistics operator  

However, all of these mistakes can be avoided simply by hiring the right logistics partner, as they will offer you strategies tailored to your needs, provide you with the appropriate transportation, inform about cheaper alternatives, and provide you with legal advice to ensure the entry to Latin American territory.
An excellent logistics partner that will help your brand’s products to be distributed around the world is Xborder, an international enterprise that will assist you comply with any laws, regulations, decrees, and policies that are officially requested by the government, facilitating your expansion by avoiding any issue. For further information, please visit www.xborder.co.


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