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How to improve distribution channels during peak season

Delivering the right packages to the right place is a complex process that requires precise logistics and planning. However, when demand increases during certain months of the year, transportation becomes more complicated, and the risks of delays, losses, and customer annoyance increase.

During the high season, distribution channels become saturated, and the route becomes more complicated, which is why it is necessary to define strategies to free up these channels and make distribution more fluid. Here are some strategies to avoid saturation and errors during the high-demand season:

  1. Prioritize peak load shipments. 

There are items that are more in demand than others, and those are the ones that should be prioritized for better planning. Agents will have to ship these products in advance so that they reach their destination on time, taking into account the high season saturation.

  1. Forecasting and prevention 

In this case, it is necessary to be clear about which are the main shipments, which are the best routes, and which transports are useful to distribute the merchandise. It is important to think about what consumers want and when they want it. This way, you can concentrate your efforts on the key processes.

  1. Split shipments 

By dividing stock into several batches, you are more likely to fully meet customers’ demands. Staggered control ensures that shipments can be covered better, and if one gets stuck along the way, you can replace it with another.

  1. Avoid transshipments

Indirect shipments or shipments with transshipments are not the most convenient strategy during peak season, as they make logistics more difficult, and errors are more likely to occur. Avoiding transshipments reduces both costs and process time.

  1. Have a logistics partner who is an expert in distribution channels 

During peak season, it is very useful to have a logistics partner who has experience in international shipments. This is a benefit for customers, as they will be able to have fast and effective shipments, and it is also good for the company, as they will enjoy a fast service plan.

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