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International trade has made it possible to distribute products worldwide, but with the growing number of loads to manage, logistics has classified cargo to optimize transport and ensure that goods reach their destination efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of cargo.

General cargo 

General cargo refers to goods that are appropriately packaged for easy handling, loading, unloading, and transportation. The goods are distributed in packages, sacks, barrels, drums, etc. for different consignees, which is called breakbulk cargo. Unitary general cargo divides the goods into units but presents them in a single unit.

Dangerous cargo 

Dangerous cargo is any cargo that can cause damage on its own or in contact with other goods. This category includes cargo containing chemicals, such as corrosive substances, explosives, flammable solids or liquids, dangerous goods, and radioactive material.

Bulk cargo 

Bulk cargo refers to a large quantity of products transported in buckets or crates. Vehicles that transport bulk cargo must be equipped with large containers to transport products such as oils, petroleum, coal, wood, etc.

Fragile cargo 

This type of cargo requires specialized transport and special equipment that is trained to handle the goods because they may contain objects that can be broken or damaged. Its classification and transportation must also differ from normal cargo.

Perishable cargo

Perishable cargo is any food or goods that can spoil or spoil quickly. These goods must be transported quickly and under special circumstances. For this cargo, certain temperatures, methods, and characteristics are required to ensure that the movement is adequate and that there are no losses.

When it comes to local or international commercialization of products, it is essential to understand the type of cargo to choose the appropriate transportation, optimize time and resources, and exchange goods with the final customers effectively.

Simplify the transport of your cargo with Xborder and its extensive experience in international logistics

Xborder is a company that offers logistics solutions for foreign companies seeking to enter the Latin American market. Given the information provided on the various types of cargo in international transport, it is clear that selecting the appropriate transport and packaging is crucial for the success of any shipping operation.

With extensive experience in logistics, Xborder can assist companies in optimizing their shipments, ensuring that their cargo arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. Additionally, Xborder specializes in the transportation of hazardous and delicate cargo, making them capable of handling any type of cargo that a company needs to ship.

By entrusting their cargo transport to Xborder, companies can be confident that their goods will be transported safely and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business and increase profitability. If you are seeking a dependable partner for your shipping operations in Latin America, do not hesitate to contact www.xborder.co.


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