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The AEO certification is the document obtained by authorized economic operators, this certificate seeks to strengthen foreign trade through tax benefits to members who obtain this certification. This certification is granted by the Customs Authority to manufacturers, exporters, warehousing companies, distributors, customs agents, carriers, and all those involved in the supply chain. 

The World Customs Organization (WCO) aims to unify security measures in all companies worldwide to maintain safe and favorable trade for all. Individuals and organizations that receive the Authorized Economic Operator recognition are also entitled to other benefits such as those mentioned below. 

  1. Priority in controls and documents: This translates into greater agility in the processes of importing, exporting, and transporting goods. Having a prioritization in customs clearance will make the processes are carried out more quickly. 
  1. Security in the processes: During the exchange of goods between companies, control and solidity in the economic and logistic aspects are required, which is why one of the greatest advantages of this certification is that it promotes commercial activities in a safe way, guaranteeing that the entities are trustworthy. 
  1. Selection and contracting of commercial partners: By guaranteeing that transportation and trade will be carried out properly, AEO companies will find it easier to establish strategic ties. 
  1. Access to Mutual Recognition Agreements: These are a mechanism that allows validations and authorizations to be applicable and recognized in other countries that are also part of the program. In this way, security controls will work in duplicity and the benefits will be mutual. 

There are currently 44 mutual recognition agreements signed and 40 more under negotiation, including countries such as China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and the United States. 

As we mentioned before, having the AEO certification provides businessmen with many benefits that guarantee a trade with high safety and quality standards. To obtain it, it is necessary that the company meets certain conditions and requirements that support the type of trade it is doing. Some of the authorities in charge of controlling operations are the anti-narcotics police, those in charge of taxes and customs in the corresponding country, merchandise supervisors, among others. 

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