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In logistics, planning is of utmost importance, which is why the concept of logistics traceability is so important in companies that require the transportation of goods. In this article, we will talk about the importance of traceability and how it influences the logistics process.

Logistics traceability is the set of procedures that allow the identification of goods on their way from their place of production to their final destination with the customer. These movements make it possible to better organize and make better decisions in transportation processes. 

Developing a traceability system makes it possible to establish a connection between the flow of goods and the flow of information, which translates into benefits for companies and consumers. Companies will be able to identify incidents along the way and improve their productivity, while consumers can know exactly where their goods are. 

There are several types of traceability depending on their purpose, traceability is the best known, this serves to explore in detail the origin of a unit of goods. It is generally used to identify the location of raw materials needed for production. 

Tracking or tracing forward is to follow the route taken by batches of certain products so that customers can be informed of the steps followed by the items in e-commerce. 

Having an optimal tracking and tracing system is a great advantage for the supply chain, since it provides better internal control of the merchandise, automates data on incoming and outgoing items, improves the speed of data transmission, makes stock management more efficient, and increases productivity in warehouses. 

In conclusion, traceability systems use technology to maintain communication between the warehouse and the distribution center, which will benefit the company by controlling risks and ensuring the safety of goods during their movement processes. 

To implement a specialized software that is responsible for the traceability and tracking of goods, it is necessary that the company is supported by a logistics partner expert in technology that can implement the best solution for the company. Below we recommend a service that will be the best ally of your e-commerce. 

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Opening the doors to trade in Latin America is a big step for e-commerce. To help you in the process is Xborder, a provider of solutions for international trade with more than 10 years of experience. 

Xborder offers a series of services that give all the necessary tools to your e-commerce to cross borders. The services offered by Xborder range from import and export logistics, legal procedures, customer service, and technological tools that improve online quality. 

To learn more about all the services offered by this leader in international trade, visit www.xborder.co


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