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Picking and packing are two basic processes in logistics. Here, we will explain them in more detail and what are the strategies to correctly choose a service that combines these two processes, meaning that it would be a good logistics partner for your company.

What is picking?

Picking consists of picking the orders to transport the items to the same destination. Picking is always carried out before packing and involves selecting the items and preparing them for transport to the same destination.

What is packing?

Packing is the preparation of the products that have been collected in the previous phase to be shipped. Packing uses additional materials to handle the merchandise and protect it during transportation, and also includes volume and weight verification. 

These two processes are very different, but they complement each other in order to make correct deliveries to customers. Picking is in charge of collecting and preparing the order before it is packed, then packing is in charge of packing the product. These tasks, such as collecting and preparing the order before it is packed, and then packing the product, are of vital importance for ensuring the efficient production line and distribution of goods.

Using a correct pick and pack service is essential to avoid mistakes in deliveries, also in the logistics field, coordination is very important to make correct use of the warehouse system. When choosing a pick and pack service it is necessary to take certain factors into consideration: 

  • Automation areas

You should evaluate the potential of the service to automate certain processes and make efficient and fast picking and packing, in this way the most repetitive tasks of the transfer and handling of cargo will be done more efficiently. 

  • Packaging management

Packing materials is important to avoid making mistakes. For example, using the right packing material will make the items better positioned and reduce the space used, thus saving time and reducing handling and mishandling of items. 

  • Picking systematization 

Having a picking software is capable of designing order lists to be prepared, taking into account the location of the products, packaging planning, and other logistic parameters. 

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