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Choosing the ideal transport according to the product is an indispensable process for goods logistics and mobilization. In this article, we talk about the considerations you should take into account to choose the ideal transport for your company, as it plays a fundamental role in the organization’s costs.

Maritime transportation The goods best suited to this type of transport are products that are too heavy or of large volume since sea transport is the most economical by volume. It is also an excellent option for companies that are expanding since it has worldwide coverage.

Inland transportation In this category, there are two very important means of transport, rail and road transport. Rail transport is useful for large volumes of goods, as they are transported in unit containers. Other means of transport are usually needed to reach specific destinations.

Road transport, on the other hand, relies on trucks, trailers, and tractors. They are generally used for short distances and are characterized by their flexibility and high-quality standards due to their rigorous safety controls.

Air transport This type of transport is ideal for goods that need to be delivered quickly, such as perishable products. This type of transport is especially dedicated to the technology and automotive industries, which provide high security and minimize handling of the merchandise.

Once the characteristics of each means of transport are known, it is important to take into account some key aspects such as delivery time, goods characteristics, cost and price of the products, storage capacity, and profitability.

Safety and risks are also factors to analyze, depending on the type of merchandise. Nowadays, transports have high safety standards and protocols to know how to act in case of unforeseen events.

Finally, the destination and the distance to be traveled are very important, so it is important to analyze the territory where the goods are going in order to analyze which transport is the ideal one. It is important to remember that more than one transport can be combined if necessary, as long as the goods and the distance are analyzed.

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