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maritime transport

Maritime transport is one of the oldest used for the movement of goods across the different continents. Over the years, maritime transport has evolved and improved its logistics, which is why it is one of the most requested by companies involved in international trade. 

Advantages of maritime transport 

Unlike other transport media, the mobilization with ships and vessels has a larger storage space, which makes it ideal for transporting large volumes of goods or large volume materials. Although other media, such as airplanes, have considerable space for transportation, the amplitude of maritime transport is much greater, in addition to the fact that it supports more weight. 

In general, ship or vessel transportation is cheaper than other media transport, which is why thousands of companies prefer to transport their goods by sea. It is generally used for long trips that tend to be more expensive in other types of transport. 

Also, the climate factor isn’t a decisive factor for ships, since they are usually made of materials that resist low temperatures and extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, air and land transport tend to have weather complications. 

Airplanes and land shipments do not usually accept certain goods, such as hazardous substances, while maritime transport is more flexible and moves similar goods, like petroleum derivatives and raw materials for technologic manufacturing, including cars, cell phones, computers, etc. 

Disadvantages of maritime transportation 

It is important to consider that in order to use maritime transportation it is necessary to have a series of permits and comply with a series of requests, which entail procedures that must be carried out in time. 

Another great disadvantage of maritime transportation is that even though most of the land surface is covered by water, maritime transportation isn’t always the best option. Depending on the goods to be transported, you’ll have possibilities to choose from. 

To use this type of transport it is necessary to have a plan and take into account the specifications of the type of transport, in addition to considering the needs of the goods. We hope this article has been useful for you to make the most appropriate decision for the mobilization of your company’s merchandise. 

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